Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Android virus

Android virus

Android phone users should be more vigilant. Therefore, malicious programs that lurk more and more Android OS. Latest investigation to detect two types of viruses that lurk at the same time the mobile OS from Google that.

Antivirus companies from China, NetQin Mobile back to being an actor detection of two new viruses of this Android. In previous cases, NetQin MSO.PJApps reveal the existence of viruses that have the ability to communicate with the server and can automatically download, then mengistall applications without the knowledge of mobile phone owners.

Back to the two new viruses of Android, the first named SW.SecurePhone. The virus is fairly tactical in operation. When he'd managed to infect a direct steal and transmit data in the handset user to a remote server in question.

17 Interesting Facts About Facebook

17 Interesting Facts About Facebook

Do you have facebook account...? No,,,? lol... maybe you must read this one.. it's about of facebook...

* 1 out of 13 people in the world now has a Facebook account. More than half of whom log in every day.
* 2% of all searches on Google in 2010 and contains the word up.
* February 4, 2004 is the date when Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook when he was a student at Harvard University.
* Average 8 friend requests submitted by a user up each month.
* Mark Zuckerberg has a 24% stake in Facebook. One of the other shareholders are Microsoft with the amount of 1.3%.
* 25% of the company reportedly refused to applicants after investigating their Facebook profile.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

How to add Backtrack app to Ubuntu

This is tutorial How to add Backtrack app to Ubuntu

1. Add key
wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add -ok-

2. Add Repository the following into the Source List
deb pwnsauce main microverse macroverse restricted universe multiverse

Friday, February 18, 2011

How to DNS Spoofing with Backtrack

This is tutorial How to DNS Spoofing with Backtrack

DNS spoof is to hijack a request from a client to resolve a domain name so that the attacker can freely mereply falsely client request.

can be imagined like this

How to DNS Spoofing with Backtrack

lets do it.

How to Dual Boot Backtrack and Windows

This is tutorial about How to Dual Boot Backtrack and Windows

* Create an empty partition beforehand in Windows ... For Vista, the partition can be made by going into "Computer Management" (in XP also, but not as good as Vista) ... REMEMBER, do not be formatted first partition!

* The partition is made it is for the swap partition, and partition to root ...

* After the completion, restart the computer and boot from the CD backtrack (in this case BT2) ...

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