Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Android virus

Android virus

Android phone users should be more vigilant. Therefore, malicious programs that lurk more and more Android OS. Latest investigation to detect two types of viruses that lurk at the same time the mobile OS from Google that.

Antivirus companies from China, NetQin Mobile back to being an actor detection of two new viruses of this Android. In previous cases, NetQin MSO.PJApps reveal the existence of viruses that have the ability to communicate with the server and can automatically download, then mengistall applications without the knowledge of mobile phone owners.

Back to the two new viruses of Android, the first named SW.SecurePhone. The virus is fairly tactical in operation. When he'd managed to infect a direct steal and transmit data in the handset user to a remote server in question.

Not only that, if already infected SW.SecurePhone, Android phone users will also be run without background alias icons used to enliven the front page will disappear instantly.

"The data such as messages, call logs, voice recordings, until the photo is on the phone will be uploaded to a remote server every 20 minutes," said NetQin.

"The virus is known to spread in America by utilizing the Internet," he added.


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